OMS Custom JSON Payload with all Attributes

When using a custom JSON payload in an OMS Alert, knowing which attributes are available can be difficult. It took me way too long to find this. These are the attributes that I find most handy (and I believe this is a mostly complete list as of the time of this post). The odd-ball one here – IncludeSearchReqults, is a simple True/False, and will send the bulk of the data to whatever webhook you are using. Without this pair, you will only get alert information, not information from the actual event that triggered the alert.

Another one to keep an eye on is the ‘searchquery’ pair. This pair (obviously) sends the Alert Search Query to the webhook. Because the queries can often contain special characters, and the webhooks can be finicky when it comes to special character translation, I will often exclude this pair to keep everyone happy. If you use the payload below, but your webhook fails when testing, remove the searchquery pair and try again.


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