Adding Azure Alert Rules with PowerShell 7

Here is a quick and dirty post to create both Metric and Scheduled Query alert rule types in Azure:

To create an Azure Alert rule using Powershell 7 and the AZ module, you will need to install both Powershell 7 and the AZ module.

PowerShell 7:

To install the AZ module, run the following command in Powershell:

Install-Module -Name AZ

Once both Powershell 7 and the AZ module are installed, you can use the following commands to create an Azure Alert rule.

To create a metric alert rule:

$alertRule = New-AzMetricAlertRule `
    -ResourceGroupName "MyResourceGroup" `
    -RuleName "MyMetricAlertRule" `
    -TargetResourceId "/subscriptions/{subscription-id}/resourceGroups/{resource-group-name}/providers/Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/{vm-name}" `
    -MetricName "Percentage CPU" `
    -Operator GreaterThan `
    -Threshold 90 `
    -WindowSize 30 `
    -TimeAggregationOperator Average

And to create a Scheduled Query rule:

$alertRule = New-AzLogAlertRule `
    -ResourceGroupName "MyResourceGroup" `
    -RuleName "MyScheduledQueryAlertRule" `
    -Location "East US" `
    -Condition "AzureMetrics | where ResourceProvider == 'Microsoft.Compute' and ResourceType == 'virtualMachines' and MetricName == 'Percentage CPU' and TimeGrain == 'PT1H' and TimeGenerated > ago(2h) | summarize AggregateValue=avg(MetricValue) by bin(TimeGenerated, 1h), ResourceId" `
    -ActionGroupId "/subscriptions/{subscription-id}/resourceGroups/{resource-group-name}/providers/Microsoft.Insights/actionGroups/{action-group-name}"

You will have to replace the main bits you would expect – ResourceGroupName, Subscription-ID, Action-Group-Name, Location, etc.

Hope this helps!