PowerShell 7.5.0 Preview 2 Changes

Preview 2 has dropped! Let’s look at some of the major things that are coming in this preview.

First – let’s look at the breaking changes:

Breaking Changes

  • Adjustments have been made to the -OlderThan and -NewerThan parameters for Test-Path, addressing issues when used with PathType and a date range​
  • The default CatalogVersion for New-FileCatalog has been changed to 2​​
  • Restrictions have been added to block help from network locations in restricted remoting sessions​

And now to the improvements:

Tab Completion Improvements

  • Efforts led by contributors like @ArmaanMcleod have refined tab completion, including preventing fallback to file completion when tab completing type names and adding argument completers for various cmdlets like Set-StrictMode, Get-Verb, Start-Process, and more​

Web Cmdlets Improvements

  • Fixes have been made to Invoke-WebRequest to ensure accurate size reporting when the -Resume parameter is specified​
  • Web Cmdlets have been adjusted to allow WinForm applications to work correctly​

Other Cmdlet Improvements

  • A range of cmdlet improvements and fixes, including for Test-Connection, Get-Service, and adding new parameters to New-Guid. For instance, New-Guid now supports -Empty and -InputObject parameters​

Engine Improvements

  • Enhancements in the engine include telemetry for module imports, adjustments to module load telemetry, and fixes for regressions introduced by the WDAC logging feature​

Experimental Features

  • Introduction of tilde expansion for Windows native executables, demonstrating PowerShell’s ongoing evolution and adaptation​